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Love your skinwe do! It’s really that simple. We are the brand that loves your skin and wants you to feel more radiant than ever before.

Our products are all-natural, cruelty-free and proudly made in the USA. We have hand selected each quality ingredient to ensure you enjoy a smartr experience.

Core values we hold dear to our smartr loving hearts:

  • We are passionate about overall wellness from the inside out

  • We are committed to continuously improve our products and provide new and innovative solutions to the marketplace

  • We love to share -- with an MD behind our brand, you get the benefit of great information so you can make smartr decision for your skincare needs

By experiencing SMARTRSKIN, you can feel confident about what’s inside our products. And when you use SMARTRSKIN as part of your daily skincare routine, you’ll soon find smartr results.

About Dr. Umair Elahi, M.D.

Dr. Umair Elahi, MD, is a trained Internal Medicine physician, and a physician executive in healthcare management. Over the past 11 years, Dr. Elahi has taken care of tens of thousands of patients and their families. He has  connected with each one on a personal level by gaining their trust, admiration, and respect by providing them the care and treatment, and most importantly providing them the knowledge, education, resources, and tools to better their health.

As a physician, Dr. Elahi commonly spends more than 80 hours a week taking care of patients in different stages of illness. One of his core values has always been helping people live healthier lives. Over the past several years, he has become more and more disappointed with the lack of healthy options when it comes to his patient's put in and on their bodies.

As a result, Dr. Elahi realized that true health is directly related to the following:
Knowledge – education about overall health from understanding preventative measures, to consumption, diet, exercise, skincare regimes and more.
Good health is not only physical, it is also a mindset.
One of the ways my patients began feeling better about themselves was by looking good in the mirror — it was their skin. Here’s how I addressed with my patients:

1. Consume the right ingredients when it comes to your diet with the addition of supplements to support healthy cellular growth and development.
2. Be aware of what you are putting on your skin when it comes to serums, moisturizers and more to maximize the benefits of your skin’s health – read the labels and ensure it’s something that benefits your skin.

So, the next question was, how could he share this information with patients, past, present, and future?

"I knew in my heart of hearts that I could be part of the solution with creating advanced, natural consumables, supplements and skincare products that were medically beneficial and proven to work."

Bringing Our Vitamin C Serum to Market | Part I of Our Passionate Journey

I’ve cared for patients at all stages of illness. In fact, many of my patients did not understand just as they had to take care of their heart, muscles, bones – they also had to take care of their skin.

This is exactly what led me to create our first product – SMARTRSKIN Vitamin C serum. I initially shared the serum with my family and closest friends to see the results. While most brands offer Vitamin C serum and Hyaluronic acid separately, we’ve created a unique and nourishing formula that combines these two powerhouse nutrients into ONE amazing serum.

They loved how clean and refreshing it felt on their skin. Soon, I was sharing the serum with my patients. After only a few weeks, I saw how they regained confidence with brighter and healthier looking skin. It became apparent this was part of my own personal journey to share it with as many individuals as possible.

And that’s when SMARTRSKIN became a reality. Welcome to the SMARTRSKIN community, we're glad you’re here!