Our Philosophy

Smartr care for beautiful skin—and better health.

As a physician, I’m driven to help people pursue radiant health.

To do that, you need healthy options when it comes to what you put on and in your body. Over the past several years, I grew disappointed with the lack of healthy options for skin care products. I’ve cared for patients at all stages of illness. Many of them did not understand that – just as they had to take care of their heart, muscles, and bones – they also had to take care of their skin. I founded SmartrSkin to provide the products and knowledge to do so.

We believe that smarter, high quality ingredients lead to better results. We have created custom formulations with clean ingredients to nourish your skin from the outside and the inside.

At SmartrSkin, we have a whole-person view of what “healthy” means. We believe that feeling confident and beautiful happens as the result of caring for your whole self — inside and outside, body, mind, and spirit. We want to provide the knowledge, education, resources, and tools you need for better health.


umair elahi ceo smartrskin