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  • Advanced Natural Balm: SmartrSkin Beard Balm has a soft consistency and is used to soften hair, hydrate skin to get rid of itch and dandruff, tame fly aways, and promote healthy growth! Our beard balms are specially formulated with the highest quality of oils, butters, and beeswax to seal in moisture and give your beard the hold it needs.
  1. Thickens your beard naturally with shea butter and beeswax.
  2. Beeswax tames with style and hold.
  3. The natural shea butter creates a barrier for moisture.
  4. Seals both natural skin oils and beard oil.
  • Feel the Difference: You may find that our Beard Balm helps to condition your beard itself even better than oil alone, and there's a reason for that. The shea butter in the blend helps create a moisture seal that locks the oils in, allowing for longer-lasting conditioning. Think of Beard Oil as a daily treatment for your underbeard skin, and Beard Balm as a sort of leave-in conditioner for the hair itself.
  • Perfect Gift for Everyone: Our freshly made balms are branded with funky and vibrant designs making them a perfect gift for any occasion, including father's day, birthdays, holidays, and giveaways. SmartrSkin community loves how beard balm benefits their skin and hair to look and feel thinker, smoother, and healthier.
  • No Hassle Guarantee: We are so sure that you will LOVE our product that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee! If SmartrSkin Beard Balm doesn’t live up to your lofty expectations, we’ll own up and make it right. No explanations, no appeals, no waiting period required. Just drop us a line and we’ll take care of everything swiftly.
  • Safe and Cruelty-Free: No harsh chemicals, alcohol and BHA & BHT. Packaged in a UV-protected bottle to ensure high quality results and reduce oxidation. Made in the USA. Cruelty-free, Vegan and never tested on animals.


Beard Balm Scents

Our Beard Balm’s come in 10 different scents to help shape and maintain magnificent beards while having the true smell of awesomeness.


The scents of  apple, sage, bourbon pepper and a variety of woodsy scents to give you the true smell of a battle ready man.


The Outlaw

The pure scent of the old west, with the scents of cedar, spices, musk and sandalwood, with a slight hint of Leather.


Whiskey River

This is a sweet southern scent blend of an intoxicating blend of Tennessee whiskey and a touch of caramel.


Sweet 60’s

Go back to the 1960’s with this combination of patchouli, honeycomb and a hint of candied fruit and lemon peel.


Thor’s Hammer

The undertones of lavender with a note of citrus, with notes of distilled pimento racemosa leaves.



No added scents.



  • Virgin Argon Oil,
  • Golden Jojoba Oil,
  • Vitamin E oil,
  • Sweet Almond Oil,
  • Apricot Kernal Oil,
  • Avocado Oil,
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil,
  • Grapeseed oil,
  • Hempseed Oil