The Benefits of Vitamin C in a Serum

The Benefits of Vitamin C in a Serum

Serums are all the rage right now but did you hear why that is?

One of the reasons is because Vitamin C serums pack a mighty punch to your skin -- thanks to its ability to soften existing fine lines and wrinkles.

Now let’s add in hyaluronic acid in a serum formula. Hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin and binds water to skin cells, infuses the 3 layers of skin (hypodermis, dermis, and epidermis) and gives it the valuable yet rejuvenating moisture it needs. Now thanks to us combining the two of these types of serums together means we created (what we believe to be) a winning combination of a brightening, anti-aging, collagen boosting, and skin protectant.

Whew, that was a mouthful, well more like a perfect combination of skincare wants and needs for everyone. Yes, everyone, because everyday we are aging and everyday the skin’s ability to absorb the harmful UV and UVB rays increases so precautions are necessary.

For starters, Vitamin C alone is powerful in itself. It is a cleanser, brightener, astringent and natural skin protectant. If your skin has ever felt irritated applying a pure Vitamin C such as a fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice has the ability to fight of inflammation and skin irritation. Now take it up a notch to pure, concentrated Vitamin C in a serum form that is so concentrated, that little goes a long way.

It’s like think of the small amount that you would normally get from an orange, lemon or some other citrus fruit and triple that and bottle it up. That is a lot of Vitamin C. For people who are just starting to try pure Vitamin C serums, it’s important to apply a small amount at a time to make sure that the skin can handle this strengthen formula.

Are you convinced yet? Let us know.

Work Cited: SL Thomas, author of and also professional and licensed cosmetologist

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