Make Your Own Homemade Vitamin C Serum

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Make Your Own Homemade Vitamin C Serum

Whether you are struggling with age spots, dull skin, acne scarring or wrinkles, vitamin C has got you covered. This potent antioxidant helps protect the skin from free radicals, UV rays and pollution. While you could increase Vitamin C intake through your diet, topical application helps this power-packed remedy act right where it is needed. Afterall, the skin, especially the outermost layer, along with the hair and nails, receives the least nutritional support from the body. 

While vitamin C can be easily found in skincare products, mixing it with the chemicals used to make these products makes it lose its potency. Not to mention, the expensive price tag of most natural vitamin C serums in the market! So why not make your own?

To start, mix ½ tsp vitamin C powder thoroughly in 1 tbsp distilled water using a whisk or a fork. Once the powder has completely dissolved, mix in 1 tbsp aloe vera gel and ¼ tbsp vitamin E oil. Most vitamin C serums can feel a bit dry on the skin. The aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil help offset this effect by acting as emollients. Pour the mixture in a dark amber bottle (use one with a dropper) using a funnel and store in your refrigerator. Vitamin C is highly sensitive to light, air and heat so using a tinted bottle is very important. If you want to go a step further to preserve the serum, wrap the bottle in foil. 

You will need to repeat this process every week as the serum degrades quickly. You can keep a pH test strip at hand to test the serum before each use. A good vitamin C serum should have a pH of about 3.5. If the pH is higher, that means the serum has oxidized and putting oxidized serum on your face will do more harm than good. However, if you use the serum as often as you should, you shouldn’t need to throw it out since you will run out pretty fast. 

We recommend using the serum every day, once in the morning as a base layer and at night right before bed. Remember to shake the bottle before each use as the oil and water normally separate over time. After every use, you are sure to see improvements in your skin. The first difference you will notice is increased radiance. In 4 to 6 weeks, your skin will become more even toned and firmer. Afterall, vitamin C is one of the building blocks required to produce collagen! 

If your skin feels irritated with this recipe, decrease the amount of vitamin C powder in the recipe and slowly work your way up. Slight tingling and stinging is normal, but you can also gently ease your skin into getting used to this serum by starting out with ¼ tsp of vitamin C powder at first. 

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